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  • "Love the guide!! Never knew how to get the herbs into the oil! Can't wait to learn more from you!" Patti A.

  • "Thank you for the guide to salves and balms! So very helpful. I'm going to try preparing a balm for overexertion on the golf course. Great email notes! Love it." Kim H.

  • Bonus tips: "I just want to say thank you for reminding me to slow down. and...Don’t feel guilty about not doing all the good things. I can just do what I can, where I am. Thank you, it’s so encouraging!"

This 10 Page Guide Will Help You:

  • Learn a timeless, natural remedy for skin issues

  • Great whether you want to make your own or buy ready-made

  • Understand the difference between a salve and balm

  • Know how to infuse herbs into a carrier oil

  • Understand why certain ingredients are helpful so you know which ones to choose

  • Choose from commonly found herbs

  • Know the top essential oil choices for additional benefits

  • Customize a recipe and use it over and over again

  • Learn the common ways to use a salve or balm

  • Feel safe using natural remedies for your family and pets

  • Bonus: Email Series to help you see how to find the time to

    create a more natural lifestyle for your family. You can ask follow-up questions as well.

Deborah Bowen Robinson

B.S. Animal Science, M.Ed.,

Natural Health Educator,

Herbalist, Animal Aromatherapist